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CoCreateX Leadership Team

Nick Powley, CEO – As a CoCreateX Catalyst, I help people to complete projects, patent inventions, and start and grow successful businesses…Nick’s (@Nick_Powley) profile

Mac Cameron, President / CFO – Hey there, my name is Mac. I’ve got a degree in physics from the University of Minnesota (UMN) and spent my nights and weekends growing a student group and nonprofit…Mac’s (@Mac) profile

Trevor Laughlin, VP Product Development – I love making things and helping others do the same. I’ve built trebuchets, robots, and medical devices, among other things…Trevor’s (@maker) profile

A Special Thank You

There are so many contributors and friends of CoCreateX that they couldn’t possibly all be listed on this page. We are truly thankful to all of the incredible, supportive people we’ve met along our journey so far. Thank you for supporting and continuously inspiring us!

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